Umran Needs to Bring Bowling Variety with Speed, Says Shami

Umran Needs to Bring Bowling Variety with Speed, Says Shami 

Umran Malik, a fast bowler from Jammu and Kashmir, surprised everyone with his speed in the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL). Umran is focusing on increasing the speed day by day. Indian fast bowler Mohammad Shami advised Umran Malik to Bring Bowling Variety with Speed.

It is difficult to play a fast bowler if there is bowling variety with speed. Shami said, ‘It is true that he (Umran) has speed. I’m not a big fan of speed. It is difficult to play any batter with a reverse speed of 140 kmph. It has speed, but it needs to diversify. ‘

Many fast bowlers are coming up from the stage of IPL. Which is good for Indian cricket. Shamim said the same thing. The 31-year-old fast bowler said, “A lot of fast bowlers are coming up from the IPL. It looks good. These are the future of our country.

Mohsin, a 23-year-old left-arm pacer from Uttar Pradesh, is among the bowlers who have matched themselves in the current edition. He has done well for Lucknow Super Giants. Shami is also optimistic about him. He said, ‘Mohsin has practiced with me. She is young and strong. But he has to look at the plan. You have to prepare a routine both physically and mentally.

“I think this new generation of fast bowlers, including Mohsin and Umran, is performing very well. They have a lot of confidence. I hope they will do well for India in the near future. ‘ – Shami added.

Besides talking about the bowling of rising stars, Shami also talked about the team captain Hardik Pandya. Hardik has been seen venting his anger on the field lately. Shami said, ‘You see, his nature is a bit aggressive. I told him, “Brother, you have a lot of responsibility now. Please control your reaction “because the whole world watches cricket.”

‘It is never easy for a player to captain for the first time. That too on such a big platform. The difference between what he was like as a player and what he was like as a captain, I saw a lot of change in him. ‘ – Shami added.



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