Umran Malik Love To Hit Batters On Helmet IPL 2022

Umran Malik Love To Hit Batters On Helmet IPL 2022

Jammu and Kashmir pacer Umran Malik’s arrival took Indian cricket by storm. The Indian jersey has not yet been fielded, however, playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022). He is harassing the batsmen with speed in every match. Umran Malik said speed was his main weapon as he loves to hit batters on helmets during IPL 2022 Matches.

Umran was confronted by one of India’s top media. Talking there, he said that he was more focused on his own speed. “When someone tells me I’m bowling too slow, I get a stubbornness,” Umran said. I started bowling fast. ‘

In the last match, this young man from Jammu and Kashmir took four wickets in one over. Talking about his bowling, Umran said, “I love hitting batsmen with helmets. There is a reason behind such thinking.

What is that reason? In response to such a question, 22-year-old Umran said, “First of all, I feel that I have beaten the batsman with my speed. Second, once a batsman is scared, he will not try to attack you. ‘

Shreyas Iyer, one of India’s best batsmen, was also in an awkward position in front of Umran’s bowling. Hardik Pandya was injured in the helmet. Most batsmen want to move away from the stumps and play on the back foot. This is what this tall pacer wants to see.

Umran said, ‘I think the batsmen are backing away from the stumps. My job is to prevent them from attacking me from anywhere. I always want to keep them on my backfoot. ‘

Like the other ten, Umran’s goal is to win the Indian jersey. With his goals and dreams, the pacer said, “My goal is to play for India and do well. The rest is the will of the Creator. I will gradually master all the deliveries. Now I am working with a slower and fake ball. ‘

Almost all the fast bowlers in the world have grown up following someone’s idol. The Sunrisers Hyderabad bowler made a difference in this place. Umran said, his idol is himself. But he is getting inspired and learning by watching Jaspreet Bumrah.

In 2021, Umran was called up for the first time in IPL. Seba Sunrisers made his debut as a Hyderabad net bowler. For the first time in the current season, he was called up to the main team. So far, Umran has taken 9 wickets in 6 matches in IPL.



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