Stuart Broad Return To Practice To Play Ashes 2021-22

Stuart Broad Return To Practice To Play Ashes 2021-22

Stuart Broad was ruled out of the first Test of the series against India due to injury. Stuart Broad return to practice after overcoming that injury and is looking to catch a plane to play the Ashes 2021-22 in Australia.

Cricket Australia (CA) is quite vocal about the opponent’s quarantine policy for any series due to Corona. In that continuity, there are strict rules in the Ashes which will start at the end of this year.

The Australian government and the CA do not want cricketers to come with their families in the midst of the Corona outbreak. However, English cricketers want permission to take their families. In the end, this tour will not be tied to any place.

“If you want to know if I’d be happy to catch an Australian flight, I’d say yes,” Broad said of the Ashes. Iā€™m working hard for it. I don’t think this tour will be postponed. However, it is true that some conditions in England have made this tour scary.

Broad said the cricketers were actually informed of any new information from Australia. However, he said that no decision has been taken yet about taking the family.

Broad also said that it is very difficult for a fast bowler to be in quarantine. He said it was a rare occurrence in international cricket not to practice bowling for 14 consecutive days. At this time cricketers are given a limited opportunity to practice, it is not enough.

He said cricketers should be given two to three hours of practice time during quarantine. “We have to be in a situation where we should be given the opportunity to practice for two or three hours,” Broad said. In international cricket, it is very difficult to stay without bowling for two weeks.


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