Ramiz Raja Has No Future in PCB Says PMLN Lawmaker

Ramiz Raja Has No Future in PCB Says PMLN Lawmaker

It was speculated that after the resignation of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja would also resign. However, Ramiz Raja did not walk that path. The government has not yet made any changes in the PCB in the wake of the change. But a PMLN lawmaker said the PCB would change soon and he also mentioned that Ramiz Raja has no future in PCB.

After the change of government, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Ramiz Raja’s future was in doubt. Although a long time has passed since the change of government, so far no one has commented on behalf of the new government. On Wednesday (May 18), the first Pakistani lawmaker commented on the future of the PCB chairman.

In an interview with Pakistani media The Dawn, Pakistani MP Rana Masood Khan spoke about Ramiz Raja. “I don’t see him (Ramiz Raja in PCB) in the coming days,” he said. If the situation is normal, the new chairman will come to the PCB at any cost. ”

In the same interview, one of the most influential members of the current government of Pakistan sharply criticized the previous government for the current state of sports in Pakistan. “These sports departments have been meeting the needs of Pakistani athletes for a long time. The previous government could not make any development in these areas. That is why we have proposed to reorganize every section of the sports sector and they have been accepted. ”

He also said that compensation would be provided to the athletes who lost their jobs in the previous government. That is why the new government of Pakistan will form a sports endorsement fund.

According to the Pakistani media, the coming of the new government will bring about a radical change in all sectors of Pakistan’s sports sector. It is learned that these changes will start when the situation becomes normal.



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