Pakistan is Optimistic About the Tour of Sri Lanka 2022

Pakistan is Optimistic About the Tour of Sri Lanka 2022

Sri Lanka is going through a turbulent time due to political problems. Among the Sri Lankans’ internal problems are concerns over whether Australia will be able to play a full series in the country. After Australia, Sri Lanka will host Pakistan at home. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is still optimistic about the tour of Sri Lanka 2022.

The Sri Lankan environment is quite heated with the political situation. Under such circumstances, Australia will tour Sri Lanka to play the full series in June this year. However, if the situation is not satisfactory, Cricket Australia (CA) may withdraw from that decision. However, Pakistan does not want to walk the path of such a decision. Rather, they are quite confident about the Sri Lanka tour.

“We are ready to support Sri Lankan cricket in difficult times,” said a PCB official. We have no problem visiting. ”

Meanwhile, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) is in a very embarrassing situation due to the political and economic problems of the country. There are constant clashes between the government and the protesters in the country.

Under the circumstances, Pakistan is scheduled to tour the country in August this year to play a two-match Test series. He also said that the organization of the series depends entirely on the Lankan board.

The PCB official said that Sri Lanka is still adamant in its decision to host the series. He also said that Sri Lanka’s decision on the series would have to be accepted.

“It simply came to our notice then. Even if you want to organize the game in a neutral venue, there is no objection. ”

Despite the lack of support from Cricket Australia in difficult times, Pakistan stands by Sri Lankan cricket. “They have a good relationship with us. The two countries will stand by each other in difficult times, ”said the official.



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