NZC Pays Compensation Fee to PCB For Cancelling Pakistan Tour 2021

NZC Pays Compensation Fee to PCB For Cancelling Pakistan Tour 2021

Before the World Cup, the New Zealand cricket team returned home from Bangladesh without playing on the pretext of safety. Which was not at all pleasant for the endangered Pakistan cricket. However, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja is also not eligible to leave, NZC Pays Compensation Fee to PCB For Cancelling Pakistan Tour 2021.

The tour of New Zealand was postponed on 19 September 2021 in Rawalpindi on the pretext of security just before the start of the first ODI against Pakistan. The New Zealand Cricket Board could not be stopped even on the phone of the then Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The desire of the fans who came to watch the game remained unfulfilled as they returned to New Zealand. After a long 18-year tour of Pakistan, England withdrew from sending their men’s and women’s teams to Pakistan after the New Zealand incident.

In such a situation, PCB chairman Ramiz Raja announced that they would ask New Zealand to pay compensation. The matter has now been resolved. New Zealand pays compensation for financial losses, including hotel bookings, security, marketing, broadcasting, etc.

Although the amount of compensation has not been disclosed. However, according to sources, Pakistan has received a large amount of compensation. Pakistan have also been invited to play a tri-nation series in Christchurch in October ahead of the Australia T20 World Cup.

After all the problems are resolved, this time Pakistan will visit New Zealand. They will confirm the tour of New Zealand only after setting a series date with England. On the other hand, New Zealand will tour Pakistan in October to play a seven-match T20 series.

New Zealand will also tour Pakistan to play a full series later this year. They will play three ODIs and two Tests in the tour. The Kiwis will play five T20 and ODI series in April 2023.



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