New Zealand Will Pay Equal Match Fee to All Men & Women Cricketers

New Zealand Will Pay Equal Match Fee to All Men and Women Cricketers

There is a big disparity between men and women around the world. However, New Zealand Cricket (NZC) has set a new example from that place. From now on, New Zealand Cricket will pay an equal match fee to All Men & Women Cricketers. They made a historic decision on gender inequality.

This decision will be effective in the new central agreement. The term of the new central agreement will start from August 1. And since then both women and men cricketers will get equal money. Not only international cricket, but also domestic cricket will get equal match fees for both parties. For now, the NZC has announced that the decision will run for five years.

In international cricket, cricketers will get a maximum of 10,250 New Zealand dollars in Tests. Cricketers will get 4,000 New Zealand dollars in ODIs and 2,500 New Zealand dollars in RT Twenty.

Apart from this, cricketers will get New Zealand Dollar 1,650 as a match fee for the Plunkett Shield, a long-term domestic cricket tournament. The match fee for the 50-over List ‘A’ tournament is NZ Dollar 600. The cricketers will get 575 New Zealand dollars in the T20 tournament Super Smash.

Not just match fees. Accommodation, travel and practice allowances will now be the same for both New Zealand women and men cricketers. Apart from this, pregnancy and maternity benefits for women have also been kept as before. Apart from these, the number of women’s central contracts in domestic cricket has increased. Earlier, there were 54 people, but now it will be 62 people.

The NZC, New Zealand’s six regional cricket bodies, the New Zealand Cricketers’ Association and gender equality experts all came together to make this historic decision. And women cricketers in particular are quite excited about it.



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