Naseebullah Haqqani Replace Hamid Shinwari as ACB Chief Executive

Naseebullah Haqqani Replace Hamid Shinwari as ACB Chief Executive

Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) chief executive Hamid Shinwari suddenly lost his job as Naseebullah Haqqani replace Hamid Shinwari. Hamid Shinwari himself has confirmed the news.

Hamid Shinwari was fired on Monday (September 20th). Members of the Haqqani network, an ally of the Taliban, suddenly arrived at the ACB office on Monday. The new chief executive was appointed in the face of their demands.

Hamid Shinwari told the cricket website CricketBaz on Tuesday. “I was fired,” he said.

Regarding the arrival of Haqqani Network leaders at the ACB office on Monday, Hamid Shinwari said, “Anas came to the Haqqani office and informed me that I was no longer the chief executive of the ACB. Naseebullah Haqqani will sit in my place. ‘

The Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in August this year. Since then, Hamid Shinwari has been the only representative of Afghanistan cricket to speak to the media.

Chief executive Hamid Shinwari had earlier sacked former ACB president Farhan Yousafzai and replaced him with Azizullah Fazli. Leg-spinner Rashid Khan also resigned as national team captain.


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