Mohammad Amir Likely to Return From Retirement if Ramiz Raja Resigns

Mohammad Amir Likely to Return From Retirement if Ramiz Raja Resigns

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has been ousted. After that, there were rumours that Ramiz Raja would step down as the President of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Mohammad Amir will return to international cricket after the resignation of Ramiz Raja.

According to Pakistani media reports, Ramiz Raja has decided to step down as PCB chairman after Prime Minister Imran Khan was ousted. However, with the change of government, changes in the PCB have become a regular occurrence.

Cricket has a deep connection with Pakistan’s politics. For this reason, the change in political power actually brings a change in the PCB as well. It is expected that something like this will happen again. However, Ramiz Raja wants him to step down before he is removed from power. Because he took the responsibility of the chairman of PCB by the will of Prime Minister Imran Khan

And Ramiz Raja will soon retire and return to international cricket with fast bowler Mohammad Amir. That is what the Pakistani media has said. A Pakistani journalist tweeted, “Mohammad Amir can retire and return to Pakistan. But that is why Ramiz Raja has to resign as the chairman of Pakistan Cricket Stadium.

The journalist did not make a mistake in stabbing Ramiz Raja by writing ‘Pakistan Cricket Stadium’ in place of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Mohammad Amir said goodbye to international cricket in December 2020. He said at the time of his departure that he had been mentally abused by Pakistan Cricket Board officials.

The left-arm pacer, who was banned in 2010 due to a spot-fixing scandal, has played 38 Tests, 61 ODIs and 50 Twenty20 Internationals for Pakistan. This time the pacer has taken 259 wickets for Pakistan in three formats. Meanwhile, it is rumoured that Nizam Sethi may replace Ramiz Raja as the new president of Pakistan cricket. He had earlier served as the president of the PCB.