Mohammad Amir Could Play in the IPL in Future

Mohammad Amir Could Play in the IPL in Future 

Mohammad Amir is currently living in England with his family. Sitting there, he is making new plans. Mohammad Amir is trying to get a British passport and if he takes a British passport, there will be no obstacle for Amir to play in IPL in near future.

Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir has retired from international cricket at the age of 26. There was no shortage of discussion and criticism on the issue. However, he is not moving away from the game even though he has removed himself from the field wearing the country’s jersey. As a result, Amir made headlines again with new information after retirement.

The Indian Cricket Board has closed the doors of the IPL to Pakistani cricketers due to political animosity. However, if Aamir can become a British citizen, then the fate of playing in the IPL may be open. And the retired Amir is in that effort.

Despite playing in all the franchise leagues in the world with his great performance in international cricket, Aamir has never been able to play in the IPL. Maybe that’s why he is planning to play in IPL. Earlier, Azhar Mahmood played in the IPL with a British passport.

He is currently on holiday in England with his family, and his children will grow up and study in England. For this, he will have to spend a lot more time in England.

In a recent interview with Pakistani media, Aamir said, “I am on indefinite leave in England. I am still enjoying cricket and want to play cricket for another 7-8 years.

Besides, Mohammad Amir is scheduled to play for Kent in this county. After Aamir’s statement, it is believed that he is becoming a regular in county cricket to settle in England.

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