Mitchell Marsh Admitted to Hospital After Corona Test Positive IPL 2022

Mitchell Marsh Admitted to Hospital After Corona Test Positive IPL 2022

Coronavirus has invaded the 15th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) despite tight security. To put it bluntly, Corona has attacked the Delhi Capitals camp. Delhi Capital has finally made an official statement on the matter. Mitchell Marsh is the foreign cricketer who was reportedly attacked by Corona. The Australian star was initially positive for Corona in the Rapid Test. The PCR test is then performed to make sure it is completely confirmed. Mitchell Marsh Admitted to Hospital After his Corona Test results in Positive IPL 2022.

Corona-infected Marsh’s health has deteriorated somewhat. And for this, he has been admitted to the hospital. According to the Delhi authorities, they are closely monitoring the situation. In addition, the whole team will be tested corona. Three days ago, it was reported that the team’s physio Patrick Farhart was attacked in Corona.

Then on Monday, citing Cricketbaj and Cricinfo, it was learned that not only the physio but also one of the cricketers of the team is not positive. And that cricketer is a foreigner. Corona was caught in the body of the cricketer in the rapid test. However, one more test will be done to be completely sure. Until then, that cricketer has been kept in isolation. Not only that cricketer but the entire team of Mustafiz has been kept in isolation.

Meanwhile, the team’s trip to Pune has been cancelled due to the attack of the cricketer. Delhi will play their next match against Punjab Kings on April 20. He was scheduled to go to Pune on Monday, April 17 to play that match. However, that journey has been postponed for now. The decision will be made on Monday and Tuesday after a two-point corona test by all members of the team.



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