Kevin Pietersen Predicts Future of Test Cricket

Kevin Pietersen Predicts Future of Test Cricket, Test Will No Longer Exist in 5 to 10 Years

Among the three formats of cricket, T20 has surpassed ODIs and topped the list of popularity. Money-laden franchise leagues around the world are the reason for more noise. Former England cricketer Kevin Pietersen predicts the future of test cricket, he believes that Tests will no longer exist in the next 5-10 years due to the T20 format in cricket.

According to the English cricketer, the insanity of Test cricket is decreasing day by day in different countries. As a result, fears have been raised about the future of Test cricket. Petersen made such a comment on Twitter through social media.

The cricketers of this era are going to lose interest in Test cricket in the tramadol of T20. Current cricketers are more interested in international and international franchise-based T20 cricket than the long version of cricket. As a result, former cricketers are very worried about the future of Test cricket.

Petersen said the pace at which Test cricket is progressing will not have the next generation’s love for the format. “Maybe this conversation doesn’t make sense,” he said. I don’t even want to say that. But in the next five to ten years, Test cricket may not be seen again.

“The next generation will have no interest (in playing Test cricket),” Peterson said. I know this tweet is a very bad tweet. ‘

Many cricket fans have commented on Peterson’s tweet. “I hope Test cricket survives,” Petersen wrote in response to a comment from a cricket fan. We love Test cricket, but the next generation does not. ‘

In the long version of cricket, Kevin Pietersen has scored 6,171 runs with the bat in 104 matches in his career. The last time he took to the field with a bat in Test cricket was in January 2014. He also bowled in 56 innings. Where the number of wicket-takers is 10.