IPL 2021 to Start From 18 or 19 September 2021 in UAE

IPL 2021 to Start From 18 or 19 September 2021 in UAE

The rest of the Indian Premier League (IPL 2021), which was canceled midway due to a coronavirus attack, will be held in the United Arab Emirates. The rest of the IPL 2021 is scheduled to start from 18 or 19 September-October this year.

Though India’s T20 series against New Zealand and South Africa is scheduled to be played at this time, it may be canceled or postponed. Though no official announcement has been made, the idea has been leaked to Indian media sources.

The 14th edition of the IPL started on April 9 this year amid the Corona epidemic. However, The Board of Cricket Control in Cricket India (BCCI) was forced to postpone the event midway through the coroner’s attack. With the outbreak of corona and the attack of black fungus, it has become very difficult for the BCCI to host the IPL on Indian soil. That is why India wants to host the rest of the IPL in the UAE.

The BCCI is keen to start the rest of the IPL on September 19 or 20 this year. According to the possible schedule, the IPL will be screened on October 10. India will be on a tour of England before this part of the IPL. From there, Indian and English cricketers will come directly to the IPL. According to UAE rules, everyone has to observe a three-day quarantine.

The Indian team was scheduled to play a T20 series against South Africa and New Zealand at the time scheduled for the IPL. However, due to the organization of the IPL at this time, the two series may be canceled or postponed. Considering the preparations for the World Cup, two series were to be organized.