India Wants to Host IPL 2021 in Australia

India Wants to Host the Remaining Matches of IPL 2021 in Australia 

According to Indian media, the BCCI wants to host the rest of the IPL 2021 matches in Australia instead of England. BCCI Senior Vice President Rajiv Shukla said, “It is very hot in the UAE in October. Due to this, it will be difficult for the cricketers to play there.

County clubs in England have expressed their desire to host the IPL, which has been postponed in India due to Corona. The teams are willing to host the remaining matches of the IPL, which has been postponed to next September. The MCC, Surrey, Warwickshire, and Lancashire have already written to the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). So that the BCCI is contacted in this regard.

Speaking on the IPL 14 in Australia, Sourav Ganguly’s board official said, With the permission of the Indian government, Cricket Australia will be happy to welcome the IPL. India’s time difference with Australia is only 4 hours. It will also be good for the audience.

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