Taliban Banned the Broadcasting of IPL 2021 in Afghanistan

Taliban Banned the Broadcasting of IPL 2021 in Afghanistan

The people of Afghanistan have been trapped in a series of sanctions since the Taliban took power. This time he has been added to the list of Indian Premier League (IPL). The broadcasting of this year’s IPL 2021 has been banned in Afghanistan by the Taliban. The IPL has been banned for anti-Islamic activities, they said.

The tournament has been banned mainly due to the involvement of women in the IPL. Ibrahim Momand, a former media manager for the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), said the decision was made because of the cheerleaders’ dancing and the presence of women with open hair.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has allowed spectators to enter the ground during the IPL. The presence of women in the gallery is quite noticeable. There are also women with open hair. Which, according to the Taliban, is anti-Islamic.

Apart from this, cheerleaders dancing in small costumes can also be seen in the field. That is why IPL broadcasting has been banned in Afghanistan. Three Afghan cricketers will play in this IPL. The people of the country will not be able to watch the games of Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi, and Mujib Ur Rahman as the IPL is banned.

Earlier, the Taliban banned women’s cricket and other sports. The Taliban government is trying to suppress the people of Afghanistan by imposing one ban after another.


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