BCB upholds Shakib Al Hasan’s No Objection Certificate for IPL 2021

BCB upholds Shakib Al Hasan’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) for IPL 2021

The Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) confirmed Shakib al-Hasan’s No Objection Certificate (NOC) for the Indian Premier League 2021 (IPL 14). In recent days, Shakib and BCB head of cricket operations Akram Khan have disagreed after he first chose to play in the IPL rather than the upcoming Test series against Sri Lanka.

At the IPL, Shakib will represent the Kolkata Knight Knights (KKR) after being selected for Rs. 3.2 million at the February auction. The Bangladesh Cricket Board even considered reconsidering Shakib’s no-objection certificate to the championship after a lack of communication between the board and the off-road driver.

Ismail Haidar, DIRECTOR OF BCB, confirmed Shakib’s participation in the Cash Wealth League, as of April 9. “The National Oil Corporation will remain the same and can go and participate in the IPL,” said the BCB director, according to Cricbuzz.

If the reports are confirmed, Shakib will leave Bangladesh on March 28 to join his fellow KKR members. A baby in Majura must undergo a seven-day quarantine period before joining his peers. The No Objection Certificate is valid until May 18 and is expected to be returned to Sri Lankan domestic investment institutions.

Shakib Al Hassan considers his choice to bet on IPL

Earlier, Shakib clarified his position and said he chose the IPL 2021 Broadcast Channel on trials to prepare for the T20 World Cup in India. The veteran said he wanted to see enough experience he could share with his national team-mates.

“People are constantly talking about this test. “The people who said I wouldn’t play the test anymore or that they didn’t want to take the test didn’t read my message properly and that’s it,” Shakib said.

“I didn’t mention anywhere in my letter that I didn’t want to play tests. I have stated in my letter that I want to play in the IPL to properly prepare for the World Cup (T20 World Cup), but nonetheless, Akram Bhai has said again and again that I don’t want to play tests.”

“I heard you said I didn’t read your letter. Maybe you misunderstood your message. He wants to play tests, from what he said. In the next few days we will talk about your no objection certificate. Akram Khan previously said: “If he is interested, he will play tests in Sri Lanka.”

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