How to Buy Asia Cup Tickets Online

Asia Cup 2022 Tickets Online. The forthcoming 15th season of the Asia Cup will be highly anticipated by fans across the globe, especially because the famous competition will be held every four years. The Asia Cup 2022 will take place between August 27 and September 11, according to several sources during the past month. The same was confirmed this afternoon when the official schedule was released.

UAE has been entrusted to organize a multi-team tournament for a second time as a replacement venue. After PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) and SLC (Sri Lanka Cricket) switched hosting rights a couple of years ago, it was ultimately determined that the tournament will be contested in Sri Lanka in 2020.

However, the competition was canceled because of the COVID-19 epidemic within a month. Due to the political unrest in Sri Lanka, the UAE was chosen as a prospective replacement. 13 matches of the 2022 Asia Cup will be contested in Dubai and Sharjah over 16 days.



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Asia Cup Ticket Price

The price for the Asia Cup 2022 ticket lies between 20 AED – 35 AED. Whereas, the Price for a Pakistan v India Match varies around 100 AED.


Pakistan vs India Asia Cup 2022 Ticket Online

A tournament that guarantees one India-Pakistan match and can include two more, depending on the outcome, is likely to be profitable for both the broadcaster and ticket sales. Therefore, it is not surprising that Asian cricket fans have already begun to inquire about Asia Cup 2022 tickets.